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Dave testimonial

No longer do I have to hide my teeth! - Dave

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I just love the way my teeth look and feel! - Esther

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Dr. Camacho was able to grant my wish! - Arlene

Lyndsey testimonial

I can't believe I waited so long, Unbelievable! - Lyndsey

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I really like my new teeth! - Laura

John testimonial

Thank you for giving me back my smile! - John

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Dr. Camacho is extremely professional! - Shianne

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- Sara C.

Discover Your Perfect Smile at the Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio!

Speaker 1: The number one feature that another individual gets remembered by is their smile. We transform people’s lives by eliminating dental disease, improving health, and creating confidence. Smiles.
Speaker 2: I came to cosmetic dentistry of San Antonio because I looked up the reviews. He came highly recommended by someone that I knew. The reviews were phenomenal, so I knew that this was a doctor that I wanted to make a consultation with, and it was really the consultation that solidified my decision.
Speaker 3: Coming into see Dr. Pennington, that was a completely different experience. She actually made me feel like family. She remembered a lot of things about me that we would just talk about my kids, about my work. She always wanted to check and make sure that I was comfortable and that I knew that if I at any point ever had any discomforts or any concerns, just to let her know and that she would try to fix it right
Speaker 4: Away. I do. I feel like there’s a certain void in their life. There’s certain void that they’re coming to us to help fill, so that void could be coming from a smile that they’re not very confident in, and by giving them that smile, it’s almost an immediate transformation where they almost feel like their whole, their self-confidence increases what they’re presenting out to the world just is a brighter and more positive version of themselves.
Speaker 1: It makes impact on me whenever I see it because I know what’s possible. I’ve seen the change that individuals can go through by repairing damaged teeth, straightening crooked teeth, whitening yellow teeth. I’ve seen the change that happens to people. This is a very personal thing. It’s important. It’s got a very, very high priority in our lives.
Speaker 5: Basically, the smile speaks for itself. I work where I see thousands of people a day, and I notice their reaction when I smile to them. As I smile to them, they smile back in a different way than before I had the work done. It is literally amazing that way
Speaker 2: For someone that would have anxiety going to the dentist, I can’t picture a better dentist to come to. I can’t picture a better experience. Honestly, Dr. Camacho’s practice is so customer patient patient-oriented. Everybody is so positive that I was like, I might as well just get a job here because everybody had such a great energy that I just wanted to be here. It was awesome.
Speaker 1: I really enjoy what I do. I don’t work. I have the opportunity to create. I help people because I see the benefit of helping people. It’s enjoyable and it’s something that I don’t take for granted. I enjoy it and I intend to continue doing that.

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A Better Smile... A Better You... A Better Life!®

Dr. Edward Camacho | Smile Virtual Consult

Edward J Camacho DDS & Confidence Builder in the Press

Edward J Camacho DDS & Confidence Builder is one of the premier cosmetic dentists throughout the greater San Antonio area in Texas, and is well known for his talents and experience in changing the lives of patients with healthy, beautiful smiles. Selected as one of "America's Top Dentists" by the Consumers' Research Council of America for several years, Dr. Camacho has also been featured in countless well-known media for his outstanding results in cosmetic dentistry and professional patient care.

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Supporting Our Troops

Dr. Camacho and his wife June proudly support our military and our troops. Dr. Camacho's late father was a World War II veteran. His late father in law served in the armed forces for 20 years.


Edward J Camacho DDS & Confidence Builder

A Cosmetic Dentist That You Can Trust

Dr. Camacho has been building confidence and boosting patient’s self-esteem through cosmetic dentistry for over 40 years. Experience matters when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and Dr. Camacho has successfully treated thousands of patients so there is not any situation he has not encountered from the simple makeover to the extremely complex full mouth reconstruction.

“My focus is on creating a natural-looking, aesthetic smile while preserving my patient’s teeth. Sometimes a dramatic makeover is not always necessary to bring about a big improvement in someone’s smile. A simple gum lift and some cosmetic shaping, for example, can be done without anesthesia and have a big impact on the overall appearance of a patient’s smile,” says Dr. Camacho “and there is no down time.”

Dr. Camacho uses a series of criteria to evaluate a smile before any treatment is done. The patient has a chance to look at pictures of different shades and shapes of teeth for their input in creating their new smile. “What may be considered white to one patient may not be to another, so it is important that the patient be involved in their smile makeover. Each patient’s smile is unique and what may be aesthetically pleasing on one patient may not fit the facial features of another,” says Dr. Camacho.

The first step in any smile makeover is to gather information. Dr. Camacho never rushes and will always take his time to ensure that the patient has all of their questions answered. If you are not ready to schedule an in-office consultation, take advantage of Dr. Camacho’s unique Smile Virtual Consultation. You will get a personalized video from Dr. Camacho addressing your unique concerns and you can even correspond with him directly should you have further questions! There is no cookie cutter approach to cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Camacho. Take the first step click the link below to get started with your Smile Virtual Consultation.

Smile Virtual Consult

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