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Serving The Greater San Antonio Area Since 1981

Here at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, Dr. Camacho provides comprehensive general dental care and many specialized services. This way you can have the convenience of getting all the dentistry you need done in one location.

Dr. Camacho’s goal is to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible and to provide you with a healthier, brighter smile.

An Ultramodern Dental Office

Dentistry is an ever-changing science that’s constantly evolving with technological breakthroughs. Dr. Camacho has incorporated the latest dental technology and equipment into his office to make sure he is able to restore any smile comfortably.

Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio is located in a beautiful, luxurious facility. We want you to be thoroughly relaxed when you come in for your treatment. Our comfortable waiting room is complete with a self-serve coffee machine and juices.

Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio outside view
Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio front desk view
Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio inside view

Not only do we have the latest technological amenities like special air filters, we even have plants that remove toxins from the air. We are also a very environmentally friendly office that uses products made from recycled materials whenever possible. Even down to our coffee bar materials, we are almost a paper-free office.

And of course, our use of advanced dental equipment and the latest procedures, combined with Dr. Camacho’s 35 plus years of experience, enables us to give you the best treatment and most beautiful results possible.

Attentive, Helpful Staff

Dr. Camacho designed Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio to make you feel welcome and relaxed from start to finish with a combination of a friendly staff and leading-edge technology. His entire staff has a single purpose: making sure that you get top-quality dental care.

You see, a dedicated and close-knit team of dental professionals is at the center of Dr. Camacho’s practice. From the front desk receptionists to the dental hygienist and dental assistants, everyone is here to make your visit a comfortable and pleasant one.

Dr. Camacho with one of his happy patient - image 1
Dr. Camacho with one of his happy patient - image 2
Dr. Camacho with one of his happy patient - image 3

Dr. Camacho’s staff goes to great lengths to make sure Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio is a warm and friendly practice. And they work closely with all of their patients to make sure all dental work fits into each patient’s lifestyle.

Our attentive staff does a great job of relaxing even the most fearful patients. You can rely on them to listen to your concerns, put you at ease and answer your questions in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Making High-quality Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

Dr. Camacho wants to help his patients to be able to afford the dentistry they need. That’s why he keeps his prices reasonable and competitive, and why he offers flexible payment options. He accepts most PPO dental insurance, too (out of network).

Another factor that makes Dr. Camacho’s dental services affordable is that he does not oversell his patients. What he does do is present the best treatment options for any dental issue you may have and let you make a smart, informed decision on which option is right for you.

To make an appointment, call 210-405-3157 or click here to request an appointment online.

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We know how important it is to find a cosmetic dentist you can trust. At Cosmetic Dentistry in San Antonio, we offer you high-quality, patient-focused care. We believe in taking the time to answer your questions and address your concerns before we help you create a treatment plan that is unique for you. If you're ready to explore cosmetic dentistry treatments, please visit us today. You can also call 210-405-3157 to schedule an appointment.

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