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Dentistry for you, and only for you: how to enjoy the benefits of personalized treatment planning with Dr. Edward Camacho

Barbara Trevino - Patient Testimonial
The best kind of compliments are those that we receive from our own patients. Here is yet another classic example of how Dr. Edward Camacho and his staff made a great impression on this young patient. She talks about how much she appreciates the work that was put in and how her plan was designed specifically for her so that she has the ideal outcome given her requirements. From the dental expertise and treatment to financing options—this client was thrilled to have worked with Edward Camacho and is happy to recommend him to anyone.

I found that cosmetic dentistry of san Antonio through a very good search online. For me it was very implant to find a doctor that was well accredited and had industry recognition. So, after some search online and some great recommendations, I found Dr. Edward Camacho’s office. I have seen several dentists over the course of my life and this was a great opportunity for me to find a provider that not only had comprehensive plans for me and my treatment but also had friendly staff and industry recognition. So, for me a cosmetic dentist was very important for the level and look of treatment that I wanted for my overall smile and my smile journey. To be quite honest I am actually a little bit of a challenging patient because I have seen so many dentists I have an idea of what it is like to have good staff or a practice so for me it was very imprint for me to have staff that understood what my end goals were and for them to also deliver those results. So overall Dr. Edward Camacho’s staff has been very well informed and educated and very respectful so I was very glad to work with them and him and I have just not had any complaints and they are willing to meet my requirements and so the level of communication between me and the team has been at the highest level. I kwon a lot of dentists usually treat based on payment options or trying to go with the most feasible options, by Dr. Edward Camacho kind of understood what my budget was but also the end goal and the results that I had in mind so we found a very good treatment plan. Honestly at the beginning the plan we had laid out was very different to what I had imagines but I am very happy with the results. I came in with the idea that I wanted veneers and that I because I had already gone through braces as a young adult and for me it was very implant to have a perfect smile, so I came in for my initial consultation with that in mind and ideally I had that as the end goal as well, but Dr. Edward Camacho recommended that I go through an alignment process and do clear core and so we did do 4 months of clear correct followed by 8 months of porcelain brackets on my lower teeth I did have a Gingivectomy to laser off the gums for ore symmetrical smile and we did cosmetic shaping also to shape the teeth and align them a little better, so the end results were exactly what I wanted without going through the drastic veneers. Before my treatment I had a very straight smile, some would say it was straight in character but after my treatment plan I feel very confident and that my teeth look very symmetrical, very clean and very white and it is definitely much better than I had anticipated and overall it gives me a lot of confidence when I am in person, in a meeting ro just having to communicate where I know that my smile is not going to be the biggest self-conscious thing on my mind. I just want to thank the staff and Dr. Edward Camacho for the level of care and respect and overall understanding of what my goals were and because of that immaculate treatment I am very confident coming into the office I know that the results were going to be great and I recommend him and this practice to anyone in town he is the best in the industry.

From an anxious teenager to a young lady with a fabulous smile! Listen to this patient’s experience with Dr. Edward Camacho and how it changed her perspective of dentistry.

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When clients go from not having faith in dentistry at all to appreciating and recommending the dental clinic to others – you know that’s got to be great news! This patient explains her journey with dentistry and notes that her attitude towards oral care thoroughly changed with Dr. Edward Camacho. He convinced her of good oral care practices, which went a long way with her and added value to who she is today!

I first heard about Dr. Edward Camacho I was, maybe in high school so when you are a teenager you don’t feel comfortable you don’t like to be told what to do by other people that you have to brush your teeth you have to do this, but with Dr. Edward Camacho there was- I don’t know a connection with his patient and I have been a patient ever since. My father saw a commercial of his and just felt like he was going to be a good dentist and sure enough he was and I have followed him and all the offices that he has had, and I have been very happy with his work. So I did a midline here and I did that – maybe the programme was less than 2 years. It was easy breezy the way it was explained oth em from the begging to end the entire process, which was so convenient and I loved it. I gave always had a good smile but I felt like with the treatment with Dr. Edward Camacho he just enhanced it and he definitely just added a little bit more spark to my confidence and I am very pleased I just can’t stop smiling. I have already recommended him, I want to say I have 4 people who are a patient of Dr. Edward Camacho ever since so I have – hands down totally recommend him. I am his walking business card! I feel welcomed and like a family especially when the staff addresses me by my first name I just feel like I am part of the family and I am not just saying that. I would say thank you and continue the great job that you guys are doing – just continue the great job you are doing you guys are good at what you do and I am so thankful and I appreciate everything that you have done.

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