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Libby and John's Transformation Story - Edward J Camacho DDS & Confidence Builder Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio
We have three children who have the most amazing smiles. I was just noticing that my smile was disappearing for some strange reason.

We have three children who have the most amazing smiles. I was just noticing that my smile was disappearing for some strange reason. It was like my teeth weren’t showing up as much. They didn’t seem as bright, even though I was using all of the brightening toothpastes that are out there. And I started doing some research on my own and came across some reviews about Dr. Camacho’s business here, and I think it was ranked or is ranked like the number one cosmetic dentistry in San Antonio.

Libby contacted me through the SMILE Virtual Consultation platform. She sent a photo of her smile and said, I need help my teeth look like they are disappearing over time, and I want a better smile. So I recorded a video, let her know what was possible, and she made an in-person appointment.

He gave me several different options, which I was very impressed with. He guided me along the way, and ultimately it was my decision. And when I came home and relayed it to my husband with all of my enthusiasm, and I encouraged him, I said, well, maybe you need to go in and see Dr. Camacho.

But the great experience that Libby had, I said, okay, I’m in. So I did it and couldn’t be happier with the results. I was expecting probably a much more muted response from my wife because she’s not one for hyperbole, so she speaks straight from her heart. So when she said she was very pleased, she was very, very. Pleased. She sends John in to see me and he goes, whatever you did for my wife, you need to do for me.

Nothing about the procedure was painful whatsoever. I would never go so far as to say that it was a, I mean, going to the dentist maybe not, is always the most pleasant experience, but it was about as pleasant as it could be.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought it was basically a seamless experience. I did mine all in one day, and it was a lot less of an event than I definitely thought it would be. We’ve had a pleasurable experience and I couldn’t recommend Dr. Camacho any more highly.

Samantha's Smile Makeover by Dr. Pennington Restores Confidence and Self-Love! - Edward J Camacho DDS & Confidence Builder Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio
Sorry, I'm in shock. It's amazing how completely she was able to transform my smile. I used to take really, really big pride in my smile in my teeth, and about 16 years ago

Speaker 1: Sorry, I’m in shock. It’s amazing how completely she was able to transform my smile. I used to take really, really big pride in my smile in my teeth, and about 16 years ago, I had an incident where my teeth were crushed in the front and I had to have crowns placed, and that was the absolute worst experience of my entire life. The crowns were too big, it wasn’t my smile.
Speaker 2: Samantha’s a beautiful woman as she can see. When she came in, her whole smile was just a mixture of different materials. She had several discolored crowns in the front that really didn’t flow well with any of her back teeth. Everything was completely out of alignment. The color was off, and it really took away from her overall look and beauty.
Speaker 1: I didn’t really want to be in family pictures or never really took pictures of myself because I was so embarrassed of my smile because it almost made me look older than I was. So for years I knew that one day this was my goal, to get my smile back to what it used to be, something that I could be confident in.
Speaker 2: So I’d like to. Samantha and her main concerns were also her front teeth. So with that in mind, I presented Samantha with not only replacing her front two teeth, but also incorporating the rest of her teeth. At this point, she really trusted me and she trusted the process and took my advice and including all her teeth on the top, and I was really able to transform her smile with
Speaker 1: That. I remember when I first saw my smile, oh my God, I was in shock. I could not believe that this was actually my smile. It was real. It wasn’t going away. This is a part of me now. I could not stop crying. It was just such an amazing event. Even now, I still find myself looking in the mirror and smiling and like, ah, that’s actually me.
Speaker 2: I definitely see Samantha as being a much more confident version of herself. She’s smiling a lot more. I see all her pictures that she posts, and she is always smiling with her husband, and I can tell that she’s truly happy.
Speaker 1: I feel that your smile is the first thing that everyone sees, and that’s something that you would want to feel confidence in if it’s your first impression to the world. And to have confidence in that is absolutely life-changing.

Veneers were an easy, painless option for this patient in San Antonio

Lyndsey Testimonial, Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio
Hi, my name is Lindsey Campbell and I just completed my treatment. I got 10 upper veneers. This is my second time coming here; the first time was 10 years ago.

Hi, my name is Lindsey Campbell and I just completed my treatment. I got 10 upper veneers. This is my second time coming here; the first time was 10 years ago. I did Lumineers on the top, and I just wanted to change the size of my laterals and just make some changes and so the best option was 10 upper veneers. And of course, I’m so happy with my decision and Dr. Camacho and his team. They have been flawless and so helpful through the whole experience, and it was a painless, easy process, and I’m so happy that I did it.

Visit Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, TX, for a dental experience like no other.

Patricia - Patient Testimonial - Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio
My name is Patricia Ponting. I must say that, my experience has been like none other. I’m very particular about the care of my teeth due to family history oral issues.

My name is Patricia Ponting. I must say that, my experience has been like none other. I’m very particular about the care of my teeth due to family history oral issues. And I do travel quite extensively, I relocate with my company, so I’ve seen many dentists in my lifetime and I must say that this office is like, the care is like none other.
I remember going through the process of adjusting my teeth. I called after hours with a question and honestly, I was expecting the answering service to pick up, you know, with the promise to have another staff member call me back. But to my surprise, it was a doctor who actually picked up the call, and interesting and advised me and I tell you, my respect for him at the time when that happened was really cemented.

I just love coming to this office. To tell the truth, I live in Houston and I could actually have things done in Houston, but I come here to San Antonio. I work in San Antonio, but I come here to San Antonio, to this office, to get it done because of the reception and the excellent work that I have gotten from this office.

From an anxious teenager to a young lady with a fabulous smile! Listen to this patient’s experience with Dr. Edward Camacho and how it changed her perspective of dentistry.

Lorraine D. video testimonial thumbnail
When clients go from not having faith in dentistry at all to appreciating and recommending the dental clinic to others – you know that’s got to be great news! This patient explains her journey with dentistry and notes that her attitude towards oral care thoroughly changed with Dr. Edward Camacho. He convinced her of good oral care practices, which went a long way with her and added value to who she is today!

I first heard about Dr. Edward Camacho I was, maybe in high school so when you are a teenager you don’t feel comfortable you don’t like to be told what to do by other people that you have to brush your teeth you have to do this, but with Dr. Edward Camacho there was- I don’t know a connection with his patient and I have been a patient ever since. My father saw a commercial of his and just felt like he was going to be a good dentist and sure enough he was and I have followed him and all the offices that he has had, and I have been very happy with his work. So I did a midline here and I did that – maybe the programme was less than 2 years. It was easy breezy the way it was explained oth em from the begging to end the entire process, which was so convenient and I loved it. I gave always had a good smile but I felt like with the treatment with Dr. Edward Camacho he just enhanced it and he definitely just added a little bit more spark to my confidence and I am very pleased I just can’t stop smiling. I have already recommended him, I want to say I have 4 people who are a patient of Dr. Edward Camacho ever since so I have – hands down totally recommend him. I am his walking business card! I feel welcomed and like a family especially when the staff addresses me by my first name I just feel like I am part of the family and I am not just saying that. I would say thank you and continue the great job that you guys are doing – just continue the great job you are doing you guys are good at what you do and I am so thankful and I appreciate everything that you have done.

When patients need a specialist skillset they come to Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio.

Sara Chavez | Patient Testimonial
Before visiting Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio, Sara was not happy with her teeth and began looking for the right dentist to improve her smile. After her online smile consultation with Dr. Camacho, she knew he was the right fit for her treatment. Dr. Camacho and his team worked continuously to get Sara's smile just the way she wanted, and you can see the results for yourself!

I was looking online for a dentist that was very skilled because I was going to come in for a veneer complication, and I had seen other individuals get veneers and the veneers looked very fake and they were quite obvious and that is something I was looking for as a dentist and Dr Camacho I found him online and he had greet review and great review for veneers s well which is exactly what I was looking for I think at the dentist office like nurse assistants tor the dental assistants that have the veneers like you are a dental assistant like why did you get these veneers you know that there are better veneers out there – yeah my old office it is not that I think that they don’t have the skills it’s just that I wanted something a little bit more personal and someone that was more skilled with veneers because if I was going to be doing such a drastic change to my teeth I wanted them to look perfect. So I went ahead and actually did a virtual consolation where I actually sent in pictures of my teeth and he actually sent back a video which was very awesome and very personal and he sent back a video and let me know what are the options and options with veneers and we went ahead and had the consolation like a further consultation where I would come into the office, yeah he actually reached out via video and he is actually the first dentist I have ever had that deco that. And the t awesome because a lot of the times when you schedule an appointment with a dentist you might not know it is not that you don’t like the dentist but you don’t really know whether or not when you go there you think hmm I am going to go find another dentist maybe this is not exactly what i want but you know having that option even having that persona interaction even though it was not a live interaction, it still was a very personal interaction and I thought okay I think I like this dentist I think I am going to come in and see him and go through with the consult. So before I asked all my family and friends and they said our teeth look fine and I had braces and I always had like very protruding front teeth and even after the braces I got some of those shaped down and everything was fine but then I actually suffered from severe gastritis and then I had severe enamel damage and that was one of the big factors for me to come and get veneers. Because I know that my teeth were straight but they were not necessarily perfect like I wanted them – so over time I actually had most of the enamel erode and my front 4 teeth were actually quite translucent so that was one of the things that drove me to get the veneers and when I came in they let me know the procedure and they actually did like an implant that would show me how the veneers would look and I absolutely love the veneers and where we are today. Essentially the whole veneer process, they were super professional about it they let me know what we are going to do every step of the way and I actually switched over to my cleaning so he is like no my personal dentist not just for the veneers I just like to say how appreciative I am, of making me so comfortable and welcome throughout the whole process, I truly think that they genuinely care about their patients. It is something that I was not experiencing in my last, with my last dentist because they would just- it is not the kind of service that they provide here, they provide like extremely genuine and professional service and it is just amazing, they did an amazing job and they made me feel awesome along the way.

Going the extra mile with patients and ensuring they are well taken care of – with Dr. Camacho

Daniela Palmore | Patient Testimonial
Daniela was looking for a high-rated dentist in San Antonio to fix her chipped veneers, and found Dr. Camacho at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio. Watch her story to find out how he was able to improve her smile even more!

So I needed desperately to replace my old veneers and Dr. Camacho replaced them. There are a lot of dentists in San Antonio so I went with the one that had more high ratings. So the old one needed to be replaced because they started to chip and he replaced the whole upper set. I feel great, now I feel more confident and I can’t stop smiling! They look natural. My old veneers I didn’t take care of them, I drink coffee every day and it stained my old veneers and now I talk to Dr. Camacho about it – and he says you can still drink coffee but you have to brush your teeth or you can drink using a straw to avoid staining the veneer, I noticed that they are more straight and whiter than the old ones. Dr. Camacho and his staff are so professional they are very welcoming and always have a great attitude. Thank you Dr. Camacho for taking the time to advise me on what is good and for the quality work you have done on my teeth.

Patient education and transparency lead to great doctor patient relationships at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio.

Wanda Mifflin - Patient Testimonial
I've never had a dental experience like this in my life! I don't fear the dentist anymore.\" Our patient, Wanda, shares her story about finding the right cosmetic dentist and how grateful she is to have her smile back

It was, it is just unbelievable. I have never had a dental expire like this in my life; I don’t fear the dentist anymore – ever. I went to other places and I just was not satisfied. They would just tell me what they were going to do and I did not have any input and my boss is the one that told me about Dr. Camacho and his staff. From the beginning he called me from the night before and you just don’t hear that anymore in the world we live in now and he introduced himself and explained to me what to expect from the next day and I felt very conformable from the very next day I came in and I felt welcomed like I was a part of the team and then he did all the tests, and all the results and he came up with 2 different option and he offered me option and he made it so simple and there are no surprises, everything they do they tell you ahead of time there is no last minute anything they are very organized and very professional and for the first time in my life I had no fear of coming to the dentist. I went for the one where I have got complete upper and a partial on the lower and it was not as costly as i had dreamed or I had been told at other places and as soon as he pulled mine, he put the partial in there right away. I went home and that day was a beautiful upper smile and I never felt any pain I never saw it bleeding. They tell you everything and you are free to call him on his own private cell phone i mean who does that? I was very excited to get here and to get things going – it has been perfect ever since, and I have never experienced any kind of dental care like this – they treat you lie you are a VIP and they really care and always doing the procedures they ask you if you are comfortable are you in pain, is there any we can do offer you water – anything they are just, they really care about how you feel really. I am so grateful to him and his staff – they make you feel like you are part of the family and when you hear the laughter going through the building different areas you hear the laughing especially his it is very contagious! I never thought I will eat corn on the cob again but on my 65th birthday on July 14th I had corn on the cob and it was delicious. I am so grateful to him for giving me back my smile and now everyone compliments me on my smile and I tell them where I got my smile back at Dr. Camacho’s cosmetic dentistry.

This patient has been experiencing the best service for 10 years consistently at Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio.

Minerva Montalvo | Patient Testimonial
On my first day back at work, everybody was wowed!\" After years of trying different treatments to improve her deteriorating smile, Minerva finally found Dr. Camacho. Watch her share her experience with Cosmetic Dentistry of San Antonio and how her new smile has brightened her life.

The first day I came into work everybody was like WOW! We live in San Eco pass and that is about 250 miles from here it was 10 years ago actually. A friend had come to Dr. Camacho and I was having a lot of problems so she referred me to him! I like to smile all the time so I had to do something because my front teeth were getting very bad. The very first day he explained what was wrong and exactly what had to be done. I had done some bridges and canal roots and all sorts of things because my teeth were very bad and so that is the first thing people see auto you and then one time I was shopping and a little boy told me you have the whitest teeth! And that felt so good because even kids notice your teeth! You know, so I felt that people should take care of their teeth – you know you spend a lot on purses, a lot on cars, but you have to spend something on yourself. The experience I have had – 10 years I have been coming and I have not had any problems they are very efficient they keep their appointment to the T you know you don’t have to wait, they tell you your appointment is at such an hour and you can come in. they have always been helpful with questions and explaining everything just like you take care of your car you have to take care of your teeth and just became it is done it is not the end of it. Thank you very much because you have made me very happy – so grateful. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Camacho especially.

What makes Dr. Camacho and his team different is their passion to help others. Here is what this patient had to say about the excellent service received.

Paula Oles video testimonial thumbnail
Our patient, Paula, came to us with a dental emergency, but ended up transforming her smile with Veneers! Watch her explain her experience and how her smile has made an impact on her career since networking has gone virtual.

Coming to Dr. Camacho’s office is a whole different experience. I had a really emergency situation and I called them first thing at 8 o clock, and he managed to take care of my tooth just as a stop gap and I realized that he had so many other options to be able to enhance my smile, and so we started to look a that for a longer term solution. That is when I decided to go with my upper veneers. The staff is engaging they have always called me emailed me they all know me by name I feel like I have the same people to always reach out to. I always feel like he spends the time with me and so does his staff and even I f I come in for a cleaning like Dr. Camacho is always available and I feel like tis i a family here and eve time I come in the staff is fantastic and they always went over what we were going to go through and I knew that the tie we spent to prepare for the ultimate product was all well worth it. Being in my mid 40s age is always a concern and you always want to stay youthful and I feel like you completely accomplish that with my new smile. the longer term solution to totally enhance my smile and change it completely changed everything and my confidence about being able to smile at the camera and just being able to smile at people, without being self-conscious about the coloring of my teeth and that they were crooked anymore – I don’t hesitate to think about going for my bottom teeth either even though it is a long process it is worth every bit of time and commitment that you put in to achieving your final look. Everyone how compliments me on my smile, it is one of those things that many never see to talk about that I have had veneers put in there is one thing you are going to do cosmetic – I would enhance your smile. That is everything people see, people always look at you it is always nice to be able to look at people in the eyes, especially now I am a professional I work in tech I used to travel pre Covid I used to spend time in the office all the time, with my peers subordinates and colleagues. Having meetings and collaborating and now we do it all over video and you lose the ability to connect with people in person and as much so you can extend a personality through video and smiling at people and engaging with people, connecting with them over video is super implant and I hank being able to smile and look at people is super implant and I always tell friends who compliment me on my smile to go see Dr. Camacho, really if there is something you want to enhance about yourself and it is a cosmetic procedure I would absolutely recommend looking at enhancing your smile as a first option – I would first say than you and the work that we did completely just changed how I engaged with everybody else, y confidence they just did so much to change my outlook and this was all really unintended and I did not come here to focus on any type of cosmetic enhancement I am here to fix a tooth that I chipped by accident and it was sort of an emergency situation so I am just very grateful that they offered some of these services and I have something more long term and that I feel really good about myself.!

From an emergency broken tooth to building a consistent relationship – this patient is grateful to Dr. Camacho.

Annegreth Nieman | Patient Testimonial
A dental emergency that became a blessing in disguise.\" After her initial experience with Cosmetic Dentistry of SA, Annagreth was confident that she could trust Dr. Camacho and the team with giving her a new smile. Watch her explain her experience and how her new smile has changed her life.

This was a dental emergency that became a blessing in disguise because that was when I found Dr Camacho. I had recently moved to San Antonio area and I broke a front tooth. They took me in and put me back in action within a day within 24 hours. When I experienced the excellent service that I got at this clinic. I decided to trust Dr. Camacho with that new smile. I had been looking for a few year to replace my smile so 8 veneers crowns, in the front of my upper mouth – I had simply waited until I had found the right cosmetic dentist and I found him right here. I am grateful and it was not only Dr. Camacho it was from the very first phone call with his office manager June Camacho and his team all the way through. It has been an amazing experience and it has never been stressful to be in treatment or sitting in the chair which is rare, for anybody who would like to go through this, to prepare well, do your own research there is so much good information online – including Dr. Camacho’s website so you know what you are looking for and I think that is also what I came to realize from the very first phone call with June Camacho – the way she listened and understood immediately that I just wanted to see if I could have it repaired immediately. They have finalized the work, and Dr. Camacho was really good. He listened and he understood. The ambience in the clinic the way they worked together as a team – I think it goes above and beyond what I have seen other dental clinics. Of course I feel great and much more confident my husband keeps telling me how much I now like to smile again because for many years I had a front tooth repair and that is the one that all of a sudden came apart again or fell apart again, and so you know you start closing your mouth more and you don’t smile and your smile is no longer as wide as it once was and it just – I was really grateful not only because it happened but I had planned for it to happen but also that I trust ed the right dentist.

Dentistry for you, and only for you: how to enjoy the benefits of personalized treatment planning with Dr. Edward Camacho

Barbara Trevino - Patient Testimonial
The best kind of compliments are those that we receive from our own patients. Here is yet another classic example of how Dr. Edward Camacho and his staff made a great impression on this young patient. She talks about how much she appreciates the work that was put in and how her plan was designed specifically for her so that she has the ideal outcome given her requirements. From the dental expertise and treatment to financing options—this client was thrilled to have worked with Edward Camacho and is happy to recommend him to anyone.

I found that cosmetic dentistry of san Antonio through a very good search online. For me it was very implant to find a doctor that was well accredited and had industry recognition. So, after some search online and some great recommendations, I found Dr. Edward Camacho’s office. I have seen several dentists over the course of my life and this was a great opportunity for me to find a provider that not only had comprehensive plans for me and my treatment but also had friendly staff and industry recognition. So, for me a cosmetic dentist was very important for the level and look of treatment that I wanted for my overall smile and my smile journey. To be quite honest I am actually a little bit of a challenging patient because I have seen so many dentists I have an idea of what it is like to have good staff or a practice so for me it was very imprint for me to have staff that understood what my end goals were and for them to also deliver those results. So overall Dr. Edward Camacho’s staff has been very well informed and educated and very respectful so I was very glad to work with them and him and I have just not had any complaints and they are willing to meet my requirements and so the level of communication between me and the team has been at the highest level. I kwon a lot of dentists usually treat based on payment options or trying to go with the most feasible options, by Dr. Edward Camacho kind of understood what my budget was but also the end goal and the results that I had in mind so we found a very good treatment plan. Honestly at the beginning the plan we had laid out was very different to what I had imagines but I am very happy with the results. I came in with the idea that I wanted veneers and that I because I had already gone through braces as a young adult and for me it was very implant to have a perfect smile, so I came in for my initial consultation with that in mind and ideally I had that as the end goal as well, but Dr. Edward Camacho recommended that I go through an alignment process and do clear core and so we did do 4 months of clear correct followed by 8 months of porcelain brackets on my lower teeth I did have a Gingivectomy to laser off the gums for ore symmetrical smile and we did cosmetic shaping also to shape the teeth and align them a little better, so the end results were exactly what I wanted without going through the drastic veneers. Before my treatment I had a very straight smile, some would say it was straight in character but after my treatment plan I feel very confident and that my teeth look very symmetrical, very clean and very white and it is definitely much better than I had anticipated and overall it gives me a lot of confidence when I am in person, in a meeting ro just having to communicate where I know that my smile is not going to be the biggest self-conscious thing on my mind. I just want to thank the staff and Dr. Edward Camacho for the level of care and respect and overall understanding of what my goals were and because of that immaculate treatment I am very confident coming into the office I know that the results were going to be great and I recommend him and this practice to anyone in town he is the best in the industry.

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