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Smile Shape Procedure

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“A lot of times you don’t need a complete smile overhaul”, says Dr. Camacho, “simply whitening the teeth and doing some minor cosmetic shaping and gum lift on selective teeth can make a big difference.”

Smile Shape procedure consists of using your own natural teeth and gives you the best look your natural teeth can have. It consists of the following and can be done in 2 visits:

  • In office whitening
  • Gum Lift
  • Cosmetic Shaping

“Whiter teeth is the most requested cosmetic procedure in dentistry,” says Dr. Camacho “and Kor whitening delivers superior results in the majority of cases.” A whiter, brighter smile automatically makes you appear younger.

Gum contouring or a gum lift can reduce the amount of gum tissue and helps to reestablish height and dimension of the teeth. This creates a more proportional smile with less emphasis on the gums and more attention on the teeth.

Cosmetic shaping or tooth contouring creates the illusion of straighter teeth and a prettier smile. Reshaping teeth softens the curves of teeth, making them appear more naturally rounded and youthful.

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