Gum Disease and Heart Disease

Patients with gum disease are 20-30% more likely to suffer a first heart attack.

The American Heart Association and the American Dental Association recognize the link between heart disease and gum disease.

Gum disease creates constant inflammation, and the body cannot heal in the presence of inflammation.

Inflammation in the gums and bacteria associated with gum disease that circulate in the body may eventually lead to narrowing of important arteries.

What exactly is the mechanism behind how this happens?

The signs and symptoms of beginning to moderate gum disease do not usually cause pain. Hence, signs of gum disease are often ignored by patients.

Things such as bleeding gums when you brush and bad breath are often thought of as normal and are “handled” by not brushing as often or using mouthwash, neither of which help.

To help keep your entire body healthy, make sure you see a dentist regularly and not just when you have a problem.