is linked to all major inflammatory diseases

Gum disease

Such as

Heart Disease



and even

Premature Births

To name a few.


According the CDC 47% of adults have some form of gum disease.

Most people do not equate their oral health to overall health but in fact without good oral health you cannot have good overall body health.

Billions of dollars a year are spent

on vitamins, supplements and things to improve one’s health but most people do not think that spending money to keep their teeth healthy falls into the overall health category and avoid seeing the dentist because they don’t have insurance, think it is too costly or “nothing hurts”. 

All of the things you do for your health are less effective if you have poor oral health and could be negated with neglected oral health.

Schedule an appointment

with a dentist if you have not been seen in the last year. 

Get yourself on a regular routine according to their recommendations and along with following the advice of your doctor you can help ward off major health problems.

Prevention is always less expensive.

In my next video I will talk about 

What causes gum disease